Hate speech; Remember Paul

“A hammer to the head of every Republican!”

Forget “Remember the Alamo.” Everyone who seeks to protect democracy must now unite and repeat as often as possible, “Remember Paul Pelosi.”

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The anti-war GOP

Now that the GOP appears to have retaken control of the US House of Representatives, it is safe to say that, “War Is Over”. John and Yoko must be pleased.

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Rebellion of the devices

The display on the Garmin Instinct 2 Solar indicated 4.75 kilometres. This seemed strange, as it was now 30 kilometres into the ride.

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Your soul is nothing more than thoughts

Barbara Ehrenreich compiled a wonderful collection of historical views relating to the invention of ‘self’ as well as the concept of a ‘soul’ in Chapter Eleven: The Invention of the Self in her book, Natural Causes.

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Just when I was getting optimistic… “people”

It’s not easy to be optimistic these days. Anyone that is overtly optimistic could justifiably be labelled as delusional. Each time I make an effort to look on the bright side, there’s a hurdle. Like just now; I never knew who Jordan Peterson was before viewing a YouTube video in which he is debating Sam Harris. After just a few minutes, a knife cut right through whatever optimism I was harbouring in that moment.

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